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Mayfield Refurbishment and Upgrade, Heathrow Airport (London)

The British Airports Authority (BAA) commissioned a wetland treatment facility in 2001 at Mayfield Farm to treat deicing runoff from Heathrow Airport.  Due to expansion of airfield operations at Heathrow, the existing facility is overloaded and no longer contains sufficient treatment capacity.

In order to expand treatment capacity and optimize operations, BAA implemented a program to significantly upgrade the existing facility.  In partnership with UK-based partner, ARM and framework partner, Inviron, NWC developed a series of improvements to the lagoons and wetlands.

After successful pilot results over the 2009-2010 deicing season, BAA initiated construction of the upgrades for the 2010-2011 seasons.  The innovative use of the patented technology, Force Bed Aeration™, has the potential to increase treatment capacity 8-fold.

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