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Edmonton International Airport (Edmonton, Canada)

Edmonton Airport deicing, airport deicing, aerated gravel beds, underground treatment, forced bed aeration
Photo is courtesy of Associated Engineering

(Photo is courtesy of Associated Engineering)


Edmonton International Airport (EIA) has experienced double-digit growth and is undertaking an overall expansion of the airport, which includes a major expansion of the existing wetland treatment system for handling deicing fluid. The expansion is expected to be completed in 2011.

The existing constructed wetland system at EIA has been treating deicing runoff for almost a decade, but with the expansion of the airport, a major increase in overall treatment capacity will be required. The system expansion is designed to provide over 700 kg-BOD5/d treatment capacity and will be engineered to provide increased influent flow rates as the concentration of the BOD5 drops during spring melt.

The upgrade will include reconfiguration of three of the existing treatment trains. The first wetland cell will be modified to a vertical flow configuration and incorporate Forced Bed AerationTM. The second cell in the train will be reconfigured as a surface flow wetland for polishing of the effluent. A nutrient feed system will also be included to allow addition of nutrient solution to match the level of organics in the influent.

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