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Wurtsmith AFB (Oscoda, Michigan)

Wurtsmith Airforce Base, groundwater remediation,  remediation, subsurface wetlands
Wurtsmith AFB (Oscoda, Michigan)
A remediation solution was needed at Wurtsmith AirForce Base to treat groundwater contaminated with TEC and other chlorinated hydrocarbons resulting from a landfill on the site that was used during World War II and the Cold War. The chosen treatment solution was an engineered wetland, which was constructed in 2010.

The pump-and-treat wetland system is designed for a flow of 0.63 mgd. The system employs a cascade aerator for oxidation of metals. From the cascade aerator, the flow travels through a sedimentation pond, where precipitates are allowed to settle. Following the sedimentation pond, flow continues through a free-water surface wetland and a subsurface wetland before final disposal by soil infiltration.

There are no motors or other mechanical components following the pumps that deliver the groundwater to the cascade aerators, so operation and maintenance is limited to routine visual monitoring and grounds keeping. The subsurface wetland is constructed with aeration lines in place as a contingency measure, but the manifold for the lines is not expected to be connected to a blower unless needed. Ongoing operations costs will be limited primarily to the cost of operating the groundwater extraction pumps.

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