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Buffalo Airport (Buffalo, New York)

Buffalo Airport deicing, airport deicing, aerated gravel beds, underground treatment, forced bed aeration
Buffalo Airport (Buffalo, New York)
Buffalo airport needed a solution to treat 1.2 million gallons/day of stormwater laden with deicing fluid. To reduce sewage costs and meet stormwater discharge limits, the Buffalo airport required an on-site treatment option for deicing runoff.

A subsurface flow engineered wetland system was chosen because of the following criteria: fit within the airport, no exposed water to attract birds, treatment of cold deicing liquid; capable of handling seasonal variations and integration into the existing stormwater management system.

The subsurface flow engineered wetland provides treatment of 'first flush' stormwater, which is heavily laden with glycols during the deicing season. The engineered wetland met the airport's needs that resulted in a simple and robust solution that is low maintenance.

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