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Heathrow Airport Ensures Airport Safety is Also Safe for the Environment
News Release

Heathrow Airport has appointed ARM Group in partnership with Naturally Wallace Consulting (NWC) to upgrade the lagoons and reeds beds at the Mayfield Farm wetland treatment facility.

The appointment follows a successful trial of Forced Bed Aeration (FBA™) technology in the winter of 2009/2010.  FBA™ is a system that forces air through reed beds to improve their effectiveness and treatment capabilities.

ARM Group’s Director, Tori Sellers, explains, “Airports like Heathrow have to use strong de-icing solutions (that may be glycol, acetate, or potassium based) for safety reasons during extreme weather conditions.  The lagoons and reed beds at Mayfield Farm treat the surface water run-off from the airport to ensure the local environment is not adversely affected.”

Scott Wallace, president of Naturally Wallace Consulting and who designed the FBA™ technology, continues, “The redesign at Mayfield Farm re-uses the entire existing system of lagoons and reed beds.  However, by aerating the lagoons and introducing FBA™ to the reed beds, the system has become up to 14 times more effective.  Additionally, Heathrow will benefit from long-term cost and energy savings.”

Russell Knight, environmental operations manager at Heathrow, comments, “The upgrade at Mayfield Farm will benefit the airline community, passengers, and the surrounding environment.  During extreme weather, de-icer is essential in enabling us to keep the airfield safe and flights moving. However, we are also committed to reducing the airport’s impact on the local environment. The reed beds are a highly innovative system, which will also provide a nature reserve for local birds and wildlife.”

The upgrade of the Mayfield Farm wetland treatment facility began in October 2010.  Detailed performance data is available at

The premier treatment wetland consulting firm in the world, Naturally Wallace Consulting works with the environment to treat unique and complex wastewater streams. With treatment wetlands and NWC's patented Forced-Bed AerationTM technology at the core, the firm pushes the boundaries of ‘ecological engineering’ to design long-term solutions for the most complex wastewater challenges. The company, based in Stillwater, Minn., has designed more than 250 of the largest and most challenging treatment wetland systems worldwide.

ARM Group is a privately owned company, which began trading in 1947. Operating from its head office in Rugeley, Staffordshire, ARM has been committed to the development and application of natural wastewater treatment systems using reed beds and constructed wetland technology. ARM offers clients consultancy, design, project management, construction, and aftercare and is a founding member of the Constructed Wetland Association.


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