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Scott Wallace, Naturally Wallace Consulting, Naturally Wallace, NWC Scott Wallace P.E., President

Scott Wallace is a founding partner of North American Wetland Engineering (now Naturally Wallace Consulting).  He is an award-winning engineer known for his innovative and practical solutions. Scott’s recognition includes winning the 2005 Grand Award for Engineering Excellence from the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) for his design of a hydrocarbon remediation wetland in Casper, Wyoming and the 2009 Diamond Award for Engineering Excellence in Water Resources from ACEC for his design of a natural treatment system to treat spent deicing fluid at Buffalo International Airport in Buffalo, New York.

Mr. Wallace is the co-author of Treatment Wetlands, Second Edition, the definitive textbook on wetland treatment systems.  He was also Principal Investigator for Small-Scale Constructed Wetland Treatment Systems; Feasibility, Design Criteria, and O&M Requirements on behalf of the Water Environment Research Foundation (WERF).

Specializing in ecological design, including constructed wetlands, groundwater remediation systems, stream restoration, and watershed management, Mr. Wallace has extensive experience in industrial and municipal wastewater treatment.  His experience also includes wastewater treatment plant operation, laboratory analysis (bench chemistry), groundwater monitoring, and delineation of natural wetland ecosystems.

Mr. Wallace is a highly regarded author and presenter, published in numerous technical publications. He is also the inventor of several wastewater treatment processes, including Forced Bed Aeration™, which is now being studied at more than a dozen different research institutions around the world due to the wide-ranging application of the technology to solve environmental problems.  Mr. Wallace is the designer of over 250 treatment systems, including the wetland system at Heathrow Airport in London.

Scott can be reached at or connect with him on LinkedIn.


Rhonda Bright Doiron, Naturally Wallace Consulting, Naturally Wallace, NWC Rhonda Bright Doiron, Chief Operating Officer

Rhonda Bright Doiron is a Senior business executive with a long history of leading Business Transformations within large and small-scale organizations spanning multiple industries. She is a leader in the reorganization and streamlining of project teams and business processes to increase alignment with client objectives and improved profitability.

Rhonda's a dynamic leader with over 25 years experience leading global product development teams with a strong track record of setting and communicating clear direction, establishing and measuring performance standards to results, motivating teams to achieve the business goals, and working with every contributor on the team to help them achieve their own professional goals. Through Business Transformations and Product Development Lifecycle Processes, Rhonda's established cultures driven by roles, responsibilities, commitments, and accountability. Results oriented, delivering product and productivity with speed to market while improving quality, reducing operating costs, and increasing employee and customer satisfaction - that's how Rhonda spends the majority of her day.

At Naturally Wallace Consulting, Rhonda is responsible for streamlining and automating multiple business functions. This has enabled the firm to reduce costs, take on larger projects, and work in a truly international setting.

Rhonda can be reached at   or connect with her on LinkedIn.


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